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TruProducts are all 100% synthetic oils that are engineered to bond to metal and create a lasting barrier of protection and lubrication for your outdoor equipment, industrial, and general purpose needs.

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About TruProducts

TruProducts will not separate from metal in the presence of moisture, debris or extreme high and low temperatures. Years of field and laboratory testing prove TruProducts outlast traditional oils and lubricants every time.


Works deep into the pores of metal to lift impurities and creates a barrier to prevent fouling and debris from embedding again.


Proprietary formula eliminates friction and won’t separate from metal in the presence of moisture, debris or extreme temperatures.


Thin layer technology creates a barrier that guards against wear, rust corrosion, debris build up, and eliminates malfunctions.

Our Supporters

TruProducts is the only oil I will trust to protect my guns and bows. When the camera is running failure is not an option. We can’t afford to have any type of equipment malfunction. We use TruRecoil on our rifles and muzzleloaders and MAXIMUM Waterfowl on our shotguns. We spend a ton of time bowhunting and TruDraw keeps our bows working great. We even use it on our treestands!

Brad Clay, Host “Final Descent Outdoors”

“All of our guides carry TruRecoil and use it daily. We recommend it to all of our sporting clay shooters and upland bird hunters. We have replaced all of our multi-purpose spray oils with TruRecoil Gun Oil because of its reliability. It’s a Great product!”

Dave Martin, Former Owner “Quail Ridge Sporting Clays”

“I used TruRecoil gun oil all last season and our Benelli’s worked well, in all conditions. We hunt peanut fields a lot and the is no environment worse for guns than the dust that sandy peanut fields produce. Many a time, I have had clients guns totally jam up on them. With TruRecoil, the guns don’t pick up the dust and our automatics would continue to fire. I only had trouble with freeze ups last year after I left my TruRecoil gun oil at our other hunting cabin and had to resort to conventional gun oil. I am a believer in this product and highly recommend it to all my clients!”

Tim West, Owner “Duck Club of Oklahoma”

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Seeking Pro Staff for:


TruRecoil: General gun oil for everyday hunters and shooters!


MaxWaterfowl: Our waterfowl specific oil for the hardcore waterfowler!


TruCast: Made for the fisherman who don't have time for equipment failure!


TruDraw: With minimal scent, the bowhunters oil is designed for the moving parts of your bow and accessories!