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TruRecoil Gun Oil

TruRecoil was engineered, by special request, to reduce failures of high performance firearms when pushed to the maximum. The resulting product is a special blend of additives which penetrate, push impurities to the surface, and then leave a barrier of protection against oxidation, rust, and wear from friction.

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Why TruRecoil Is Different:

TruRecoil’s strong molecular structure resists oxidation, evaporation and chemical changes. Oil products, on the other hand, immediately begin to decompose upon exposure to air. For this reason, you will find that TruRecoil does not produce sludge like petroleum products. Instead, after heavy use, TruRecoil is still “On Guard” protecting your gun and saving you time, money, and aggravation. This ain’t your Grandpa’s gun oil…

The Benefits of TruRecoil:

  • ONE STEP Care, Cleans, Lubricates & Protects in a single application.
  • ENGINEERED for High Performance Firearms.
  • PENETRATES to lift impurities for Lasting Protection.
  • PERFORMS in Heat, Cold, Dirt, Sand and Salt Water.
  • RESOLVES many Equipment Malfunctions.
  • RESISTS Oxidation & Evaporation that causes rust and friction wear.
  • REDUCES Maintenance Time, Effort, and Expenses.


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22 reviews for TruRecoil Gun Oil

  1. Robert calton

    I have a nylon 66 Apache 22 it was always jamming up. Has a lot of sentimental value because it was left to me by my dad so I didn’t want anybody taking it apart. I didn’t know what they were doing. I tried every product that I could find and nothing would work. I was told by a friend about this product. This product is the only product that stopped that gun from jamming. I am a sold customer for life with this product.!!!! I highly recommend this product 💯


    have been using the gun oil for the last three years and haven’t found anything that works as good as it does. doesn’t leave an oily residue like other brands. I would highly recommend the use of their products.

  3. JW

    Just responded to a thread on the GlockTalk Forum titled “Good Glock Lube That Doesn’t Smell Terrible”. I wanted Steve and the team to know that I am still recommending TruRecoil products after more than a decade of use! Still a very satisfied customer!

  4. Chad Borneman

    By far the best product on the market. I have been using it for years now from freezing conditions in Manitoba to the salt water in the Chesapeake bay. It is a must have for my shell bag and i never leave home without it.

  5. Joe Lang

    TruProducts have truly changed the game for us at Team Meat in the Freezer! TruProducts is all we have used on our equipment the past two years. We’ve tested/abused our gear from sub freezing temps in Manitoba to dusty South Texas and all throughout the salty winds of the Chesapeake Bay! Our equipment cycles flawlessly regardless of what’s thrown at it! The Max Waterfowl, TruRecoil, and the Trudraw are my favorites!!! Check out Team M.I.F on FB and Team Meat in the Freezer on YT for in the field applications and testimonials!!!

  6. Jonathan Ray

    I use tru oil on all of my guns. It’s the best product on the market.

  7. Brandon Tarron

    Best gun oil i have ever used. I use it on everthing.

  8. Ed Thigpen

    I use this oil on everything from fire arms to squeeky patio furniture this stuff works.

  9. Mike U

    TruProducts knocked this product out the park…case and point. Hunting western KS in 2018 it was below zero. All of our semi autos kept locking up. On lunch break I broke out a bottle of Tru Recoil and lubricated all shotguns. The Temps continued to drop and even through sleet and snow fall…the guns continued to preform as they were supposed to. After the application of Tru Products we didn’t have any malfunctions. The guns continued to operate flawlessly for the next 2 days. Again, top notch product and I use Tru Products on all my hunting and fishing equipment…Tru Products…a must have in your arsenal!

  10. Weston (verified owner)

    TruProducts oil is the one and only oil I trust to keep my guns firing reliably in all conditions!

  11. Dan Gark

    TruRecoil has been amazing on all my firearms. Flawless performance. 6 months later there’s still oil present where it counts. I know I definitely won’t put another oil in my guns. Thanks for creating a product that performs beyond expectations. You have our full support at D.I.G Into The Outdoors and Outdoor Industry Promotions.

  12. Matt Burtin

    Indeed the best product I have used for my guns. I am not very friendly to some of my guns and I attribute tru products for keeping my guns performing and protected.

    • Steve Easom (verified owner)

      Thanks for the Review!!

  13. Kevin Kelley

    I use on all my guns and on my clients guns. By far the best product on the market.

    • Steve Easom (verified owner)

      Thanks for your review!

  14. Jason

    I use Try oil,on all my guns! Great oil!

    • Steve Easom (verified owner)

      Thanks for your review!

  15. Zack smith

    I have used truproducts on all my firearms and never had a issue with cycling or jamming in any weather
    conditions, I also use trucast on my fishing reels I’m a avid fisherman and my reels gets used hard with trucast I know my reels will perform every time I cast

    • Steve Easom (verified owner)

      Thanks for your review!

  16. Garrett

    This is the BEST rust removing oil I’ve ever used. Cleans all my guns up quickly and easily. Love this stuff!!

  17. cody kelly

    Currently i use this on all of my guns. I have used it to remove some large rust spots from some water and had it running smoothly quick! Highly recommend for any shooter or sportsman that runs their guns hard.

    • Steve Easom (verified owner)

      Thanks for your review!

  18. Johnny magee

    I used to use frog oil and other products but since I started using truoil and truwaterfowl on my military rifles and handguns and hunting firearms not to mention tools and just any other metal product that needs lubrication (including my bow )I’ll never go back !!! it removes rust even though it doesn’t say that on the description it keeps water out better than the Hoover dam And I have been using the same bottle of truwaterfowl for three seasons now , the stuff lasts. Not gonna lie probably gonna be the lubricant for all my metal products for the rest of my career

    • Steve Easom (verified owner)

      Thanks for your review!

  19. Josh Archer (verified owner)

    The best gun oil i have ever use. That is on the market today. Use it one time and you will not be disappointed! My old Remington 30-06 pump has never functioned so well.

    • Steve Easom (verified owner)

      Thanks for your review!

  20. TJ Goodpasture

    I use my guns as tools of my trade. I am hard on them and probably don’t clean them as often as I should especially in the peak of the season. That’s why I only use Tru Recoil Gun Oil on my equipment. Whether it’s hot, cold, wet, or dry, Truproducts keep my equipment working flawlessly. They have also been great supporters of conservation and our hunting heritage which really means a lot to me personally. Thanks for such a great product!!

    • Steve Easom (verified owner)

      Thanks for your review!

  21. Tyler

    Side by side with two well known oils it’s not even close. TruRecoil out performed in 14degree F temperature in a fraction of the time. We have since used only TruProducts

    • Steve Easom (verified owner)

      Thanks for your review!

  22. Cole

    I use this oil on all of my firearms! I recently put some on a 1926 Browning 16G that belonged to my great grandfather. The gun cycled and fired flawlessly!! Even though its not marked as a rust remover it does that as well. I recommend that any one that spends a lot of time in the out doors with a firearm should use this oil!!!

    • Steve Easom (verified owner)

      Thanks for your review!

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