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TruCast Reel Oil

Tournament and laboratory tested, TruCast is a proven champion in protecting all types of fishing reels against corrosion and friction wear in both fresh and saltwater conditions.

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Laboratory testing showed us that TruCast retains it’s molecular structure in temperatures that range from 350 degrees to -65 degrees.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that metal with water are not a good combination. Nothing is worse than getting to your favorite fishing hole and having a reel that won’t work properly. It doesn’t matter if your passion is deep sea fishing, wading the saltwater flats, fly fishing, fishing for catfish in the river, bass fishing, trolling, or ice fishing, TruCast has the ingredients to keep your equipment functioning properly every time. Don’t miss a single cast, use TruCast and have the confidence to know it’s engineered for lasting protection.

Every fisherman should have TruCast in their boat and tackle box at all times. You will see a significant difference in your equipment’s performance.

What TruCast Will Do For You:

  • Clean, Lubricate, & Protect external parts of your reel.
  • Reduce friction & produce a smooth & consistent line drag.
  • Deliver increased casting distance.
  • Improve casting accuracy.
  • Displace water & resist salt and corrosion.
  • Reduce reel wear & maintenance expense.
  • Longer lasting than other reel oils & synthetic lubricants.
  • Safe for the environment.


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3 reviews for TruCast Reel Oil

  1. Wesley Barney

    I’ve used TruCast for years and it’s never let me down. From freshwater to saltwater and all the brackish in between, my reels keep working because TruCast WORKS! Excellent as a lubricant, but it also doesn’t damage line or non-metal reel/pole components which regular oils seem to stain or eat away.

  2. Kenneth Kisner

    Great product. We have used it on all our reels and they work great and cast longer.

  3. Garrett

    I do a lot of fishing and have started using Reel Oil on all my gear. Not only does it keep my reels functioning flawlessly, but I also wipe my rods down with it and it keeps them looking like new. Great all around oil for everything fishing related.

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