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TruReed for Mouth Calls

Protects mouth calls from sticking.




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3 reviews for TruReed for Mouth Calls

  1. Brandon Butcher

    Tested out just to make sure sound was on point. No change in sound. Awesome oil. Haven’t had a good freeze but pretty confident it will preform perfectly. Truproducts makes a great line of oils.

  2. Jay

    Can’t wait to use it in the field. Definitely makes a difference and helps keep my calls from sticking when they get wet.

  3. Wesley Barney

    FINALLY a product designed for an overlooked but key hunting aspect- the call! Ducks, deer, and turkey alike- you can’t shoot if they don’t get within range! TruReed not only keeps calls from freezing up in the cold, but it also creates a barrier between the reed and water which greatly reduces first sound sputters. A must for any outdoorsmen who needs their calls to work the first time, every time.

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