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TruReed for Mouth Calls

Protects mouth calls from sticking.



Keeps saliva built up from call tone change and freezing up…..


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9 reviews for TruReed for Mouth Calls

  1. David Stiehler

    Used on a cold Iowa morning calling in Geese, no sticking, no freezing, no problem. Great product!

  2. Craig Latham

    After much delay, I started using truproducts on my ducks call and it is amazing. Reeds never stick or freeze regardless of the weather. Highly recommend this great product

  3. Jacob A. Nelson

    Finally got a chance to use my TruReed. Real feel today was 22°F. I applied it the night prior to my RnT Original, Jase Robertson Pro Series, and Art Beauchamp Original. To test it on different materials and reed styles and to ensure there was no change to the sound…. During the first flights of birds, right at shooting light, from 7:07am- 8:30ish, all three calls worked flawlessly. Although after using the calls on and off untill mid morning (10ish), my RnT and Pro Series, stuck on the first note/attempt to quack/call. On the second attempt they were back to normal. That said, they never actually froze, nor did I have to blow backwards through any of these calls, which is all the difference when birds are circling and starting to work.. All in all, TruReed is a still an excellent product and I would buy and recommend all TruProducts to all my waterfowl and outdoor friends based off of this experience.

  4. Thomas

    Great product! Used in Kentucky this past November, it was very cold and had no problems.

  5. Ashley

    Loving the TruReed CLP. Works great. Thanks for a new product we can all count on.

  6. Josh Schwarzott

    I haven’t had to use in freezing temps yet, coldest I’ve hunted so far has been 38 degrees. But I used the oil just to see how well it works, and there was no change in sound. I’m looking forward to being able to test it out in sub freezing temps.

  7. Brandon Butcher

    Tested out just to make sure sound was on point. No change in sound. Awesome oil. Haven’t had a good freeze but pretty confident it will preform perfectly. Truproducts makes a great line of oils.

  8. Jay

    Can’t wait to use it in the field. Definitely makes a difference and helps keep my calls from sticking when they get wet.

  9. Wesley Barney

    FINALLY a product designed for an overlooked but key hunting aspect- the call! Ducks, deer, and turkey alike- you can’t shoot if they don’t get within range! TruReed not only keeps calls from freezing up in the cold, but it also creates a barrier between the reed and water which greatly reduces first sound sputters. A must for any outdoorsmen who needs their calls to work the first time, every time.

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