TruCycle Bike and Cycle Oil

TruCYCLE is a high performance, multipurpose, synthetic lubricant that penetrates to CLEAN, LUBRICATE, and PROTECT in one simple step. Proven to perform in temperatures exceeding 350 degrees and -65 degrees!

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TruCycle was engineered to form a molecular bond to metal that will not break down in the presence of moisture, debris or extreme conditions. The resulting product is a special blend of additives which penetrate, push impurities to the surface, and then leave a barrier of protection against oxidation, rust, and wear from friction.

Why TruCycle Is Different:
TruCycle’s strong molecular structure resists oxidation, evaporation and chemical changes. Oil products, on the other hand, immediately begin to decompose upon exposure to air. For this reason, you will find that TruCycle does not produce sludge like petroleum products. Instead, after heavy use, TruCycle is still “On Guard” protecting your equipment and saving you time, money, and aggravation. KEEPS YOU IN THE RACE!!


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$2 for each 4oz / $1 for each 2oz purchased will go toward The Fallen Outdoors, an organization established to facilitate hunting and fishing trips for veterans.


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