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TruRecoil Max Waterfowl Single Wet & Dry Wipe

Max Waterfowl Dry & Wet Wipes are unlike any other wipe on the market. One wipe is saturated in our 100% synthetic TruRecoil Gun Oil. The other side is a dry wipe for removing any left over residue after the cleaning. Perfect for you to carry in the field!

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Apply MAXIMUM and don’t worry about the conditions, JUST HUNT!

TruRecoil MAXIMUM Waterfowl Oil has all the superior qualities of TruRecoil with added protection for the waterfowler. MAXIMUM boasts improved saltwater corrosive inhibitors and lower freezing points (-72 degrees!) Chest deep in freezing water, mud, and muck? BRING IT ON! MAXIMUM Waterfowl is designed to handle these conditions so you can focus on the hunt.

TruRecoil MAXIMUM Waterfowl Oil begins with one of the cleanest synthetic bases in the industry. The purity of the base produces a superior bonding with metal while maintaining a chemical composition that is environmentally friendly. MAX Waterfowl cleans, lubricates, and protects in the harshest of conditions. All while resisting decomposition in all weather and environmental conditions. We understand the situations waterfowl hunters finds themselves in. Rain, snow, mud, and frigid temperatures are just a day in the life of a waterfowl hunter. Make sure your gun is protected by MAXIMUM Waterfowl!

It’s Not Worth NOT Using It!

  • Max is designed for gun & metal used in waterfowl hunting
  • Long lasting rust protection from water and extreme temperatures
  • One of the cleanest synthetic bases in the industry
  • Total gun care in one step (Cleans, Lubricates, Protects)
  • Highly Concentrated! A little goes a LONG WAY!
  • Will not harm synthetic or wood gun stocks
  • Reduces gun jams and sludge build up


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1 review for TruRecoil Max Waterfowl Single Wet & Dry Wipe

  1. Garrett

    These are super handy to have around. Just throw some in your gun case and you’re ready for anything mother nature throws at you!

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